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Camping, Hawaiian Style.

June 15, 2012

Mahalo to Senior Copywriter Piku Ghosh for this story and “the gang” for the great photos. 

King Kamehameha I united the Hawaiian Islands in 1810, and today we celebrate his achievement with an annual public holiday. This year it resulted in a much-awaited three-day long weekend. So what did 18 like-minded individuals do? They picked a site, packed up their cars and went camping.

We chose Malaekahana State Park, on the northeastern coast of Oahu between Laie and Kahuku. Right by the ocean, with running water, clean restrooms and ample parking for our gear-loaded cars. A good taste of the outdoors, with a hint of luxury.  To our defense, we were less pampered than our neighbors who were equipped with portable generators, an outhouse, perhaps even an espresso machine. Pfft…

Anyways, back to us – the nature-loving, grill-doting, beer-drinking MVNP-ers, families and friends. We arrived at our campsite on Saturday, at around noon. Unlike our friends on the mainland who pack less and carry less, we locals believe in using every available space in our cars. We spent the next two to three hours lugging coolers and backpacks, schlepping inflatable mattresses and military cots, setting up a giant canopy and tethering our sleeping tents, all while sipping on refreshing cold ones. We were serious about keeping ourselves hydrated!

And yes, we were also serious about food. Saturday night’s menu included Juju’s special shoyu chicken, polish and spicy sausages, pasta salad and grilled zucchini.

Breakfast on Sunday morning served up crispy bacon, eggs, portuguese sausages, OJ, POG and coffee. Lunch featured teri cheeseburgers, hot dogs, tortilla chips, salsa & hummus. Dinner followed with two kinds of steak, sausages, corn on the cob and grilled pepper. And to end it all, on Monday morning we cooked up a local favorite: fried rice.

So what did we do besides stuffing our faces with food? We swam, we drank, we played Pictionary, we drank, we played Taboo, we drank, we made s’mores, took freezing showers at midnight… then we drank some more. We did everything a true-blooded local camper would do. Lazed around, ate ono food and talked story till 2am each morning.

All in all, we did have a great time at Malaekahana. We are filled with new experiences and perhaps a few extra calories. But that’s how we roll. If you haven’t already, we urge you to let in the outdoors, and experience camping in Hawaii. For more about Malaekahana State Recreation Area and other state parks, click here. 

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