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October 2, 2013

Mahalo to former MVNP intern, Amanda Kam, for this tasty post. Currently, she’s back at Mill’s College pursing her degree. Sorry Amanda, no Bubbies for you! 

Oahu locals beat the summer, spring, winter, and fall heat with Bubbies’ creamy homemade ice cream! New York native, Keith Robbins opened Bubbies on Coyne Street (below University of Hawaii campus) in 1985 after receiving his master’s degree at UH in nutrition and has remained in that very spot since. Thank goodness Robbins decided to pursue a higher education here on Oahu, or else we wouldn’t be able to call Bubbies ours.

Bubbies has an assortment of flavors and a variety of different types of desserts including a display case full of risqué named cakes (I’ll let you go and see for yourself!).


dessert menu copy

Bubbies mochi ice cream is popular amongst its customers. Mochi ice cream is a confection made of pounded sticky rice which originated from Japan, filled with any flavor ice cream. Their mochi ice cream is so popular it’s available in twenty different flavors and  are sold in locally, nationally as well as internationally.

mochi ice cream copy

*NatHi Tip: My favorite Bubbies ice cream flavor is green tea. Although you can get green tea ice cream made by other brands, I truly believe Bubbies makes the best!

Whether you need to cool down or you just need to satisfy a craving, Bubbies is the place to go!

:: Bubbies |  1010 University Avenue Honolulu, HI 96826  | 808-949-8984|

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