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October 2, 2013

Mahalo to former MVNP intern, Amanda Kam, for this tasty post. Currently, she’s back at Mill’s College pursing her degree. Sorry Amanda, no Bubbies for you! 

Oahu locals beat the summer, spring, winter, and fall heat with Bubbies’ creamy homemade ice cream! New York native, Keith Robbins opened Bubbies on Coyne Street (below University of Hawaii campus) in 1985 after receiving his master’s degree at UH in nutrition and has remained in that very spot since. Thank goodness Robbins decided to pursue a higher education here on Oahu, or else we wouldn’t be able to call Bubbies ours.

Bubbies has an assortment of flavors and a variety of different types of desserts including a display case full of risqué named cakes (I’ll let you go and see for yourself!).


dessert menu copy

Bubbies mochi ice cream is popular amongst its customers. Mochi ice cream is a confection made of pounded sticky rice which originated from Japan, filled with any flavor ice cream. Their mochi ice cream is so popular it’s available in twenty different flavors and  are sold in locally, nationally as well as internationally.

mochi ice cream copy

*NatHi Tip: My favorite Bubbies ice cream flavor is green tea. Although you can get green tea ice cream made by other brands, I truly believe Bubbies makes the best!

Whether you need to cool down or you just need to satisfy a craving, Bubbies is the place to go!

:: Bubbies |  1010 University Avenue Honolulu, HI 96826  | 808-949-8984|


Only in Hawaii: Used Walkway

October 1, 2013

Pali and Kam Hwy

We’re still looking for the pedestrian who used this walkway. Last seen walking Kaneohe-bound on Kamehameha Highway.

Let’s Go Crabbing!

August 8, 2013

This post is from freelance ACD Vince Soliven who is back at MVNP after a decade of big city living in LA and Chicago. Welcome home Vince. 


Camping as a child, I couldn’t wait for it to get dark out. On the beaches of Hawaii, when the sun goes down, the crabs come up and out of their little sand holes. And that’s when you have the opportunity to scour the beaches with flashlights and buckets and catch them with your bare hands. As a dad, I love hunting crabs with my daughter—who smiles and screams throughout the whole experience.


Honolulu Museum of Art

August 5, 2013

Have you been to the Honolulu Museum of Art lately? With all the distractions of surfing, hiking and shopping, we often forget that we have one of the best Pacific Rim art collections right here in Hawaii.


Georgia O’Keeffe and Ansel Adams: The Hawai‘i Pictures  July 18, 2013 – January 12, 2014

Waterfall or unfolding flower? Georgia O’Keeffe translates our islands into her own vision.


You may have seen Ansel Adam’s  photos of giant redwood trees, but have you seen Hawaii through his eyes?




Lethal Beauty: Samurai Weapons and Armor  June 06, 2013 – August 18, 2013

Need inspirations for your next mustache party? Take lessons from these Japanese samurai suits of armor. And lest you feel like poking fun at them, remember they also carried very, very sharp swords.




Naturally Tasty

August 5, 2013

We were the kids in school who thought that lunch and recess were the best parts of our day. Well, some things haven’t changed. Here are a few of our favorite takeout lunches—everyone needs a reason to go to work, right?

downtown food

Clockwise: Ahi Lover’s spicy ahi plate (Arlene), Mandalay’s takeout with orange chicken and beef broccoli (Laura), tofu urry from Diem Cafe which is now in Ward Center (Susie) and shrimp tempura udon from a place called Su-Shi Bibimbap (Jo)

The Tea Farm Cafe

July 19, 2013
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Welcome to our new MVNP intern and contributing writer, Amanda Kam. She’s currently on summer break from Mill’s College where she’ll be majoring in business economics. For now, she’s home catching up on family time, playing tennis, baking brownies (we haven’t tasted any yet—hint!) and honing her photography (and tea-drinking) skills.

Amanda Kam at The Tea Farm

Most people need their coffee fix, but I prefer tea. Luckily, I discovered The Tea Farm Cafe located in Puck’s Alley, just around the corner from my mom’s hair salon (my home away from home).  In February of 2011, I remember wanting to check it out as soon as their “Grand Opening” banner was up.  Thank goodness I did!  I love it there; it’s located in a convenient spot (right below the University of Hawaii at Manoa) and it’s a great place to study, hang out with friends or catch a break from your busy day.


The Tea Farm Cafe is a fairly new hot spot. In just two years, the cafe has gained many devotees and continues to satisfy newcomers with their refreshing teas (Green tea, Chai tea and Puerh tea to name a few), sweet treats (S’mores, heart shaped ice cream, and green tea latte), and yummy meals. My sister Ciara and I tried their Chicken Pesto sandwich and Smoked Salmon Croissant shown here. NatHI tip: Get their Green Tea Latte. Yum.




:: The Tea Farm  |  2600 South King Street #106 (Puck’s Alley) Honolulu, HI 96826  | 808-945-2679  |  | Instagram: @theteafarm

Oh! Bon at the Moiliili Summer Fest

July 12, 2013

Last weekend we ate, drank and danced ourselves silly at the Moiliili (pronounced Mo-illy-illy) Summer Fest in the center of Honolulu. Billed as part obon festival and part street fair, there were food booths, shops, live music and at the center of it all, a tower for the Japanese singers surrounded by a large circular area for bon dancing. Although the obon tradition of honoring ancestors is Japanese, the celebration has become pure “local” with all generations and cultures joining in. 





Nat HI tip: Honolulu Gourmet Foods “Loco Moco” with Hawaii-grown beef, eggs and a truffle brown gravy. And for dessert, the Chocolate Cream Haupia (coconut) Mochi by Saturday Grandma’s.

Wanna go? Check out this great summer obon dance schedule from Honolulu Magazine.